What’s the Best Return on Your Investment?

What will contribute most to your wedding's success?

I'm astonished. Why, when folks put in so much time planning the wedding, and put out so much money paying for it, would anyone neglect considering anything as fundamental and basic as figuring what everyone will experience during the festivities? I'm talking BEYOND the fleeting appreciation of how wonderful everything looks and delicious the food tastes. I'm referring to what everyone will do when they're not eating or remarking how pretty the cake looks. If one of your priorities (maybe your main priority) is for those at your wedding to have a wonderful time . . . to have fun, then one of your first and most obvious considerations should be: entertainment. How much and what kind of fun will your guests be having? How much will your friends and family be engaged and feel included?

Back to other considerations, yes, the decor does contribute to the impressions people will have. You'll be laying out good money for that ritzy reception site, those breathtaking flowers, lovely centerpieces, and color-coordinated chair covers. BUT, imagine how much more wonderful it will all look when your guests are broadly smiling as a result of all the fun they're having. Yes the music and announcements must sound just right, but imagine the sounds of folks laughing and cheering because what's happening is so entertaining. How much better will the pictures taken by your photographer serve your memory if they will capture the fun expressed when people really feel connected and really enjoy themselves? It doesn't matter how much you're going to spend on the wedding if your guests start looking at their watches, get bored, become restless, and leave early. The best return on your investment is going to assure friends and family stay for the duration of your celebration because they're having a great time!

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What's Fun at a Wedding?

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