What’s Fun at a Wedding?

So, What IS Fun at a Wedding?

First of all, anything fun at a wedding should always be wedding-appropriate and marriage-related. And, whatever is included during the festivities should always be in accordance with the bride and groom's personal style as well as the tastes and receptivity of the guests. Generally speaking, during a wedding celebration, or anywhere else, there are two types of fun: An active type we can refer to as "PARTICIPANT FUN" and a passive type we can refer to as "SPECTATOR FUN."

"Participant Fun"

Envision the kind of fun you have playing your favorite sport. That's "Participant Fun." At a wedding, waving and cheering at the photographer amidst a cluster of family and friends on the dance floor during a spontaneous group photo is participant fun! Any activity that features you and your wedding guests as an active part of the fun is "Participant Fun." The scenarios are endless, and during every segment of your celebration, repeated and enjoyable opportunities can be featured as part of your reception's agenda, from cocktail time to your final entertaining sendoff. (Click on the following photo illustrations and Some Ideas for Special Activities.)

"Spectator Fun"

Think of the fun you have while watching an entertaining movie. That's "Spectator Fun." The same kind of fun can be enjoyed throughout your wedding's festivities. During the wedding party's Grand Entrance, it can be the comic relief provided by the Master of Ceremonies as he shares a humorous anecdote about each member prior to their introduction. It can be the fun your guests have when laughing to hear what the groom reveals were the comical words of wisdom whispered into his ear by the wife of the longest-married-couple, at the culmination of an entertaining longevity dance. It can be the staged spectacle created by four large groomsmen as they do their dance to "Can't Touch This" by M.C. Hammer. This is "Spectator Fun" and this is entertainment!
Some Photos taken during segments of Mealtime Entertainment

Is Planning the FUN Sometimes Overlooked?

Generally speaking, most folks want their wedding to be fun. But, this is very interesting. Quite often during the planning process, those doing the wedding planning neglect directing their attention to this obvious consideration: How do we make the wedding fun? The usual and normal thinking is, if everything looks good, the food tastes good, the reception site is comfortable, and the music’s not too loud or wrong, then people will have a nice time. Though brides might want their guests to have fun, they regularly have very little information about what can be done to make fun happen. Most often, all they can do is hope their special day will be fun, and heaven forbid, not boring. Here's a fact: "fun" and "entertainment" are pretty much synonymous. Both words have "enjoyment" and "amusement" in their definitions. But, looking through the popular wedding publications, wedding planning websites, and wedding blogs, on the list of things you need, "entertainment" is absent. All brides are directed to get is "music." Little wonder, most brides only include the relatively low cost of "just music" in their overall budget. But, it's the entertainment, not just music, that sets the tone of their reception. It's the entertainment, not just music, that keeps their agenda flowing smoothly. And it's the entertainment, not just music, that maintains the interest of their guests. A well-planned, a well-prepared, and a well-directed wedding celebration, in which friends and family have a fabulous time for the duration of the festivities, can, and most always does feature music throughout, but, it is employed as a tool to help make the FUN happen.

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