Wedding Entertainment Price Ranges

WEDDING DJ ($350-$850)

Your full-time Wedding DJ from amongst our roster of professionals is experienced, well equipped (with backup gear onsite), fully insured, and fully prepared to present your special songs and agenda, guided by your Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception Planning Forms. As your announcer, our Wedding DJs all possess good microphone skills, and as your music host, will program the music in accordance with your wishes. MORE INFORMATION

WEDDING DJ/MC ($995-$1,500)

Your Wedding Disc Jockey/Master of Ceremonies is a Wedding DJ who is skilled at COMFORTABLY capturing, directing, and maintaining the attention of your attendees, keeping them informed about what is about to happen, and guides them so they know what to do to participate. He is adept at staging each segment of your wedding celebration in an entertaining manner and possesses highly developed music programming and mixing skills which translate into more fun and more dancing. MORE INFORMATION


Your Wedding Entertainment Director™ serves as:
  • Your Music Host and Master of Ceremonies (Wedding DJ/MC)
  • Your Wedding Celebration Planner crafting a unique reception plan in accordance with your priorities and personal style, designed to assure your guests enjoy themselves and participate for the duration of your celebration
  • Your Event Director ensuring that every part of your wedding's agenda is executed smoothly, and presented from an entertainment perspective, and that each of your wedding vendors are "on the same page" and in sync
  • Your Entertainment Facilitator responsible for skillfully staging and implementing the entertainment, so that your friends and family feel they’re a part of the fun and memorable moments you’ve chosen to include MORE INFORMATION