Wedding Entertainment Director®

What is a WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR® and what is the W.E.D. Guild®? “A Wedding Entertainment Director® is a highly skilled entertainer that has achieved W.E.D.® certification only after his experience, talent, creativity and professionalism has been endorsed by former clients and fellow wedding professionals and then judged and verified by an evaluation team made up of members of the W.E.D. Guild® Board of Directors. No other national, wedding entertainment organization has such strict guidelines for membership. “Music on the Strand's DJ ENTERTAINMENT has a nationally recognized Wedding Entertainment Director® on their roster. This is a monumental achievement that represents the highest attained level of academic standards available in the wedding industry. Wedding Entertainment Directors® possess a unique level of qualifications and an acquired set of skills derived from extensive advance-level training and education in the fields of event planning, coordination, entertainment, creativity, and customer service. “Brides and Grooms can expect attention-to-detail that is a quantum leap above the rest. Their guests will experience an ensemble of entertainment that will bring out every positive emotion imaginable. W.E.D. Guild® members are competent, experienced and committed to the highest ethical standards in the presentation of wedding entertainment services. When you rely upon the proven experience of a Wedding Entertainment Director®, you are assuring the success of your celebration and giving your guests The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!“ A Guide to Making Your Wedding FUN! - Free e-Book compilation written to clarify, lend perspective and provide incentive. Wedding Photos capturing Dance Floor Routines and Special Activities – with Captions and Commentary