Wedding DJ

What each bride and groom want from their Wedding DJ varies from wedding to wedding, but characteristically, the expectations are:

  • any special music they’ve selected will be played at the appropriate time
  • what they’ve chosen to include will be featured as planned
  • the sound will be clear, undistorted, and never too loud
  • proper announcements will be made to keep everyone informed
It is further expected their Wedding DJ will:
  • have backup equipment on site
  • be fully insured
  • know what NOT to say and what NOT to play
Additionally, they expect their Wedding DJ to:
  • be set up and ready before the scheduled starting time
  • be well-mannered and courteous
  • be properly attired
At Music on the Strand, as your Wedding DJ, we matter-of-factly rise above the status quo of acceptability. Refer to our Written Guarantee. If any of the basics reflected in this guarantee are breached, your entertainment is free. All of the Wedding DJs on our roster are full-time professionals with years of wedding experience. Standard pricing starts at $500 for 4 hours on a Saturday in the Myrtle Beach area. When including an additional setup for your wedding ceremony, prices start at $600. Advanced programming and mixing skills, and production considerations such as larger setups, enhanced lighting, sound reinforcement in additional locations, dvd and slide show projection, receptions longer than 4 hours, and venues well outside of the Myrtle Beach area ordinarily warrant a higher quote.