Wedding Disc Jockey / Master of Ceremonies

A bride and groom might ask themselves certain questions which lie beyond the basic qualifications of a Wedding DJ. Will my guests be comfortable and impressed with the way our reception is presented and handled? Will they be entertained, will they want to participate, and will they stay longer because they’re having a good time?

The kind of music you select and the manner in which it is played definitely helps determine the atmosphere of your wedding reception. BUT, if your celebration is more than just an extended cocktail party with a meal, some announcements, and a dance floor, you might want to consider how your guests are being included in what you’ve chosen to feature as part of your festivities—things like your grand entrance, first dance, parent’s dance, toast, cake cutting, garter removal, bouquet toss, and any special presentations. Your family and friends’ experience of these moments depends not so much on what is done, but on the way it’s done!

A good personality and a pleasant demeanor contribute to how well the person addressing your guests is received, HOWEVER, serving as your Master of Ceremonies also requires proven techniques acquired through years of experience and extensive training. An accomplished Master of Ceremonies will:

  • skillfully capture and maintain the attention of your guests
  • effectively direct their attention on whatever you’ve chosen to include
  • keep your wedding attendees informed so at any given moment they know what’s happening
  • comfortably guide your friends and family so they know what they’re supposed to do in order to participate
Your Music on the Strand Wedding DJ / MC has successfully kept the agenda of brides and grooms flowing smoothly and maintained the ongoing interest of their guests, during hundreds of wedding receptions. Prices start at $995 with no time limit for your ceremony and reception. Production considerations such as larger setups, enhanced lighting, sound reinforcement in additional locations, dvd and slide show projection, and venues well outside of the Myrtle Beach area ordinarily warrant a higher quote.