Tom Baldwin

Myrtle Beach DJs: Tom BaldwinThere happens to be many young DJs in Myrtle Beach, but TOM BALDWIN, started his DJ career in Boston back in the mid 70's. His huge inventory of music, containing over 80,000 selections, ranges from the Big Band Era on up through Contemporary. Continuously updating his repertoire to include everything that's hot on the charts, Tom stays current which enables him to meet even the most discerning demands of the Myrtle Beach Area "Middle School-aged music enthusiast." Tom's ability to step into any kind of theme party can be illustrated when on the spur of the moment he was called to provide four hours of Salsa at a Myrtle Beach party. "No problem!" And, he takes pride in his ability to choose music that will make the parties he plays unforgettable and states, "I love the music I play, I respect it's history, and I believe this shows through in each of my performances." In addition to the music, there's the creativity. Always on the watch for additional ways he can entertain and involve the people for whom he serves as a Disc Jockey, Tom is constantly coming up with new crowd-pleasing games and activities to incorporate into his presentation. And when it comes to being prepared, whether it's fine-tuning each aspect of the "Planning Sheets" for a wedding reception, or purchasing a cartload of "give-aways" for a pool party, few Myrtle Beach DJs are as conscientious. Myrtle Beach DJs: Tom BaldwinThis good-natured, ever-pleasant, and unassuming individual toured with KISS as a member of their production crew, was Keith Richards’ (Rolling Stones) personal assistant, and appeared on the internationally syndicated TV Show  “Entertainment Tonight,” the celebrated movie “King of Comedy” with Robert DeNiro and Jerry Lewis, and the video, “I Love Rock and Roll” with Joan Jett. To end this short description of a gentleman who loves to use music as the means to provide happiness for others, here’s an example of how, through advanced programming and mixing techniques Tom allows the music to creatively stage a special moment: One way he’s fond of for closing a wedding reception features the Bride and Groom in the center of the dance floor. “We had the time of our lives and hope you did too.” While he’s speaking, the piano solo for “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing  is playing softly but audibly in the background. “Would everyone please join our newly weds on the dance floor.”  The slow-dance vocals of the same song are introduced, which delightfully builds in tempo. Now, as the song subsides, Tom mixes into a portion of the finale from “Abbey Road” by the Beatles. (“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”) As soon as the instrumental section swells, (timing is everything) Tom thanks everyone for coming and congratulates the Bride and Groom to cheers and applause. The last touch is going into the famous vamp from the end of an Elvis Presley concert, for a final 30 seconds. “Elvis has left the Building.” And, only after all loose ends are tied, and everything is in perfect order, so does Myrtle Beach Disc Jockey, Tom Baldwin. TOM BALDWIN: REFERENCES