The Focus!

A group photo party start starts by focusing everyone's attention on the bride and groom!

Note: Not all DJs are familiar with this very important concept. This kind of entertainment requires some specialized skills, and indeed a good degree of talent and training.

Call it what you will—a celebration, a party, or a festive gathering. Even without the continuous sensory reminders of some well-defined theme, (like a Luau, Costume Ball, or Golden Oldies Sock Hop) there’s always an entertaining way to bring things into focus and reinforce the happy reason folks have come together. When there’s a relevant and entertaining focus, those in attendance feel connected, involved, and a part of the event. 

Some time back, a very talented Disc Jockey entertainer made an astute observation. One of our Myrtle Beach DJs was working hard at the outdoor, evening, fun-time, family party on the pool deck by the bar at the Coral Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. Talk about a spotlight DJ presentation, here was the kind of setting where most everyone in attendance just gathered around in beach chairs and chaise lounges, drinking, socializing, and dancing—BUT, out there, their main attention was directed on the DJ OR on whatever was happening on the dance floor. The DJ and the dance floor was their stage! It was as if everyone was there to see what was going to happen next, like they would watch and wait with an ever-present palpable question, “Okay Mr. DJ, what are you going to do to entertain us now? What’s up that sleeve of yours? What string are you going to pull so we can have some entertainment out here?”

Creating an entertaining FOCUS!

Creating an entertaining FOCUS!

This particular outdoor pool deck gig was seen as a great proving ground for any DJ in Myrtle Beach. The fact is, the talented Disc Jockey who did so well on this gig would make use of a spotlight as an effective tool to focus the attention of his audience. Every time someone new would join the party, he’d direct everyone’s attention to the newcomer(s) by chiming something clever, comical, or witty about them, all the while shining the spotlight on them as they entered the “arena.” He also was known for a wide array of hats and props that he’d employ in a style that ranged from subtle to extra vaudevillian. Actually, in many ways and in his own right, this individual was one of the most gifted of all DJs in Myrtle Beach—quite the genius.

Well, here was one of our DJs filling in for the talented regular, and doing his very best to keep the energy level up and the excitement high. Ideally what would take place on most nights would happen during the third hour when a lot of less-inhibited party goers would get out on the floor and more and more dancing would kick in. Then all any DJ had to do then was put into practice his best programming and keep the dance floor on the wooden-deck percolating.

Getting back to the astute observation referred to above, sometime during the second hour of one of these pressure-filled engagements, our DJ was trying to encourage the onset of the dance music fun. “Feeding the flames” of the excitement on the dance floor is certainly one of the most rewarding of all DJ experiences. Well, all that was happening was a handful of young gals out there, daughters of folks who were spending money at the bar, and they were having a good time performing a dance routine to a then popular party song. The DJ’s impression was, this was not much of a spectacle, mainly because, only a handful of people were “center stage.” As he was attending to the music and absorbed in the their routine, he noticed the talented Disc Jockey to whom we were referring, the regular (and need I say successful) party-sparking catalyst. He was observing the scene from a vantage point to the right of the stage. “Nuts,” he thought to himself. This is not the level of crowd participation he wanted him to witness. BUT! Here’s the smiling observation that was made: “Great! This is great! Everyone’s attention is on the girls. They’re all enjoying what’s happening. YOU’VE GOT A FOCUS!” That’s the perspective! And within the context of any event, we have come to believe it’s one of the main goals. Whether it’s a Myrtle Beach pool party, a wedding reception, or a corporate event, or a large Bar Mitzvah, folks will be entertained, and fun will happen when an entertaining focus is attained and maintained—a very worthwhile party objective!

When it comes to entertainment, establishing and maintaining the attendees' focus is one of the primary objectives!

When it comes to entertainment, establishing and maintaining the attendees’ focus is one of the primary objectives!