Want to View an Awesome Soul Train Line?

The Familiar Face-Off Dance Floor Routine

I love it when dancers just spontaneously form two columns and dance their way down the middle as couples or in small groups. The routine, which stems from the nationally syndicated television series, "Soul Train," automatically happens most with folks who love to dance, know each other well, and are comfortable showing off their moves and doing their feel-good-thing in front of others. Folks who feel good together are most always ready to allow themselves to have this kind of fun, if not spontaneously, then with just the bare minimum of orchestration on the part of the Music Host, Master of Ceremonies, or Reception Director. Speaking of fun, a Soul Train Line is fun for participants and spectators alike—fun to be a part of and fun to watch. This was the case during Selina and BJ Bennett's tenth year anniversary celebration at the Grande Dunes Ocean Club on January 2, 2010.

Soul Train Segment

A favorable outcome with a Soul Train Line occurs when there are odd numbers of guys and gals, which is frequently the case. This way, folks get to dance with others as they reach the head of their column, yielding greater variety and creating even more group-wide fellow feeling.

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