Scott Shaw

Link to: Larger ImageScott Shaw came to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 1991 to join the cast of the award winning "Carolina Opry." During his time there, he wrote sketches, worked on production, and was featured as a vocalist, comedian, and all around performer. With over 30 years of experience as an entertainer, Scott's credits include three years as a bassist and vocalist for the 60's rock band "Paul Revere & The Raiders",  performing as a stand up comedian in comedy clubs throughout the United States and Canada, directing stand up comedy workshops, and creating shows for popular nightclubs. This wealth of entertainment experience has turned Scott Shaw into a truly seasoned professional entertainer which makes him stand out from many other DJs in Myrtle Beach. His skill as a Master of Ceremonies, combined with his extensive knowledge of music, staging, and production techniques provides his clients with an entertainment service that can only be described as impressive in every way! Scott ShawSince entering the world of DJ Entertainment, Scott has made it his mission to learn everything there is to know about all of the components that go into creating a great event. This knowledge is important because entertainment is all about timing!  Knowing what's going on around him at all times makes it easy for Scott to control the pace and flow of the evening to maximize the fun for your guests. With all the available DJs in Myrtle Beach, when you hire Scott Shaw, you can be assured you get a personalized entertainment experience!  Your music selections are created based on your personal choices, and presented using the best in professional sound and lighting equipment. Scott shows you planning possibilities that you had no idea existed, all the while making the process easier than you ever thought it could be! DJ Scott is passionate about his love of music, entertaining, and  dedicated to helping you create wedding memories that you'll cherish forever.  He hopes to be given the opportunity to bring his passion to your special day! SCOTT SHAW: REFERENCES