At Music on the Strand's DJ ENTERTAINMENT, we combine the kind of skill that will impress the students—with—the quality of professionalism that will please the faculty. Simply put, we do what needs to be done to keep both factions happy. On one side of the coin, our music is right-on, BUT, it's been carefully edited, and on the other side of the coin, our dependability is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We also take care to tailor-make our presentations to fit the special characteristics of each school. A testimony to our formula for success is that year after year many schools continue using our services to assure everyone looks forward to their dances. Middle School DanceMIDDLE SCHOOL DANCES are one of the most-demanding of all disc jockey engagements. To meet this specialized challenge, our Myrtle Beach DJs who specialize in middle school dances have to necessarily be prepared to... Read more
Prom DancingPROMS should be unforgettable with the greatest music associated with your High School years is presented at just the right volume with distortion-free clarity! Included are all styles of the best dance music—the hottest hits of today and... Read more