Our prices range from $250 to over $2,500 depending on your budget and primarily on the outcome you want experienced by those in attendance. A variety of factors go into determining the price you pay. Prom Dance Floor1) We provide music and entertainment for every occasion—from an outdoor barbecue where twenty-five folks gather for a couple of hours on a Tuesday evening, jawin’ with each other while pickin’ at a pig—to a Junior-Senior Prom where 650 students dance to mixes of contemporary music, as the room pulsates with chest-thumping bass. 2) Each engagement is priced in accordance with the scope of the total presentation and its unique requirements—from a birthday party for thirty middle school students on a Friday night in January—to a gala dinner dance where a wireless signal is sent to powered speakers lining each side of the room, a computer controlled array of brilliant colors is "washed" over the walls and ceiling, and a party is facilitated for 1,200 people. Dance Floor Focus at the wedding3) Prices are also determined by the amount of planning and preparation required to make YOUR event a success—from a sentimental 50th Anniversary celebration, featuring four hours of musical nostalgia—to an elegant wedding reception where shimmering blue lights cast a romantic glow on the wall behind the head table, while your DJ / Master of Ceremonies narrates a "love story" about how the bride and groom first met. At Music on the Strand, one of the main events are weddings. Here's a link to our WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT PRICE RANGES along with descriptions for each approach. In the DJ business, it's often difficult to charge prices based on the contribution the entertainment makes to experiencing a very favorable outcome. What we CAN do is proudly and enthusiastically offer you, the buyer, more for your money while staying competitive in today’s market!