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Our Online Planning Forms contain unlimited space for filling in your customized and personalized preferences and ideas. When initially saving the contents, PLEASE remember to type in the exact email address you always use, and when subsequently loading the form for future additions and updates, remember to use this exact same address. Save the form whenever the server prompts you to do so. WEDDING CEREMONY PLANNING SHEETS WEDDING RECEPTION PLANNING SHEETS BAR & BAT MITZVAH PLANNING SHEETS CHRISTMAS PARTY PLANNING SHEETS DANCE FLOOR ROUTINES PLANNING SHEET GENERAL EVENT PLANNING SHEETS LOVE STORY QUESTIONNAIRE PARTY GAMES PLANNING SHEET POOL PARTY ACTIVITIES AND GAMES PLANNING SHEET SCHOOL EVENT PLANNING SHEETS WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT FEEDBACK SURVEY MUSIC DATABASE - The Online Music Database is in no way inclusive of the music we have in our collective music coffers which numbers upwards from 100,000 titles. If you cannot find what you're looking for, and have spelled the Artist name or Title correctly, please add your request to your "Custom List." Also, if appropriate, please DO compose a "Do Not Play List" of any song (not genre) that will personally offend or have a very negative impact on an attendee e.g. the favorite song of a recently departed relative, or a specific selection that a friend or relation finds particularly repugnant, or let us know if there's an artist or artists whom for whatever reason you just don't want to hear. Note: The Online Music Database does not contain our roster of Carolina Beach Music. If you would like a list or have any questions, don't hesitate to call our office or send an email.

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