A Most Magical Memorable Moment

You are My Sunshine!

How does one measure the impact resulting from hours of dedicated, well-motivated planning and preparation? The expression of love is the ultimate reward. Here's Peter Merry, author of The Best Wedding Reception...Ever! sharing a monumentally moving, memorable moment prepared for a mother/son dance:
The point is this: planning, preparing, and staging a special moment that results in a positive and lasting memory is always VERY worthwhile, and weddings provide incomparable opportunities for this kind of expression. It's been said, "Real happiness lies in making others happy."

What’s Fun at a Wedding?

So, What IS Fun at a Wedding? First of all, anything fun at a wedding should always be wedding-appropriate and marriage-related. And, whatever is included during the festivities should always be in accordance with the bride and groom’s personal style as well as the tastes and receptivity of the guests. Generally speaking, during a weddingContinue Reading

Featuring the Wobble During the Wedding Reception

A Fun Focus! At the time of this writing, “The Wobble” is little over a year old, and this one has longevity written all over it! The song, by the same name, is by V.I.C. The arrangement is infectious and the love for the dance is contagious as evidenced during a recent festival at theContinue Reading

What’s the Best Return on Your Investment?

What will contribute most to your wedding’s success? I’m astonished. Why, when folks put in so much time planning the wedding, and put out so much money paying for it, would anyone neglect considering anything as fundamental and basic as figuring what everyone will experience during the festivities? I’m talking BEYOND the fleeting appreciation of how wonderfulContinue Reading

A “Bust a Move” Grand Entrance!

When Amanda, John and his cousin George dropped by my office for a planning session, they knew they wanted their reception to be a blast, but were concerned how we were going to make it happen. They loved to party, and more significantly, impressed me right away they really knew how to party. This wasContinue Reading

What Makes a Wedding Reception Memorable?

Jump down to Videotaped Testimony So Many Outstanding Features This wedding experience was both decor-focused and approached from an entertainment perspective. It also required more than 30 hours of extensive planning and preparation, which on my end included elaborate music editing and forethought for the unique staging requirements. Let’s start by telling you a littleContinue Reading

Best Man Introduction: Big Bad John

A Little Background We all knew Rachel & Jason’s wedding was going to be engaging and fun, and months earlier had planned to incorporate Jimmy Dean’s number 1 song from the 60’s, “Big Bad John,” to introduce Jason’s Best Man, John Tarrell in conjunction with his toast. See, John, though not exceedingly large in stature,Continue Reading

What Can You Do When the Room is Setup Just Plain Wrong?

Generalities Look. Even when every conceivable measure is taken to cover the bases with repeated instructions and written memos, the unexpected twist can still slap you in the face. And when an inconvenient and complicated scenario rears its head, what do you do? How do you react? Speaking for myself, I have to remember toContinue Reading

Want to View an Awesome Soul Train Line?

The Familiar Face-Off Dance Floor Routine I love it when dancers just spontaneously form two columns and dance their way down the middle as couples or in small groups. The routine, which stems from the nationally syndicated television series, “Soul Train,” automatically happens most with folks who love to dance, know each other well, andContinue Reading

What’s Happening at the End of the Reception?

Ending on a High Note I always feel a good measure of a wedding’s success is what’s happening during the last dance. I sometimes refer to this asthe reception finale. If folks are still having a lot of fun, then you have a strong testimony that what’s been presented and experienced is still being appreciated andContinue Reading