Middle School Dances

Myrtle Beach Middle School DJ

Our DJ at Myrtle Beach Middle School gets a Rise out of the Students

“It’s two weeks later and the students are still talking about the dance!” (J. Paul Truluck Middle School) Middle School dance productions are one of the most-demanding of all disc jockey engagements. To meet this specialized challenge, our Myrtle Beach DJs who specialize in middle school dances have to necessarily be prepared to:
  • Strike a balance between providing a positive experience and a really good time—with—controlling the room and establishing boundaries and guidelines for proper decorum
    Middle School Dance Game

    As Students Gather, the DJ Conducts a Party Game

  • Play only SCHOOL EDITED current music which is often many steps beyond the versions played by radio stations
  • Conscientiously present
      • dance segments containing the most popular, current hits
      • well-organized activities like dance contests
      • dance routines featuring the latest line and "novelty" dances
“I can’t remember when we’ve seen the kids have such a good time.” (Whittemore Park Middle School)
Middle Schhol Dance Contest

The DJ Presents a Middle School Dance Contest

If it wasn't for being at a Middle School, the easiest way to pack a dance floor with young people who wanted to dance would be to masterfully present a current array of R&B & Hip-Hop” (the songs comprising over 90% of the hits on the Hot 100 music charts). “You really keep the energy going!” (Conway Middle School) Though these versions are featured by popular radio stations, according to school faculty, parents, the language and content of much of this music is simply not appropriate for inclusion at school functions. So . . . how does an effective School DJ please both the students and the “grownups?” “We tried another DJ after you, and really there was just no comparison.” (South Brunswick Middle School) The answer is what we refer to as, "School Edits." Through a painstaking and time-consuming process, our office goes through each segment of every song with a “fine-tooth comb.” We then creatively edit out everything questionable or undesirable. The result—squeaky clean versions of the hit songs that still thrill the students but raise no faculty eyebrows! → "Boy, you just never stop! You certainly make it a lot of fun for the kids." (North Myrtle Beach Middle School) We're more than willing to go the extra mile. The students, your satisfaction, and your business are worth it!