Making the Party Great

Those parties that are the most fun are actually a series of events that all happen in sequence and are presented in a manner that will keep your guests entertained for the duration of the celebration. The FocusTHE FOCUS! - An important key to assuring party goers will be entertained and stay for the duration of the event is to create a room-wide focus that is relevant and fun. There’s always an entertaining way to bring things into focus and reinforce the happy reason folks have come together. When there’s an entertaining focus, folks feel connected, involved, and a part of the event. Read more As DJs, one of our roles, if not the MAIN role, is to serve as your music host! When serving you in this capacity, the chief skill is referred to as  "Programming" the music: Link to: Music ProgrammingMUSIC PROGRAMMING - At a party it's often the case that the DJ’s primary objective is simply get ‘em up and keep ‘em up. Frequently the mobile DJ is faced with all ages of folks with a range of musical preferences a mile wide. A disc jockey can have the best equipment and years of experience, BUT when the smoke clears, it always comes down to the same thing: what are ya gonna play and when are ya gonna play it!? Read more