Golden Oldies Sock Hop

Myrtle Beach DJs give out the party props in ways that are fun!

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They were the first Rock and Roll songs that ushered in a new musical era. They are the very heart of Rock and Roll. They were the inspiration of many of today’s top recording artists. They're loved in Myrtle Beach, and they're loved everywhere else! They make up the format for numerous radio stations across the country. They are listened to and enjoyed by young and old. They are the hits from the 50’s and 60’s - the original R&B, Doo-Wop, “Old-Time Rock and Roll,” “Blasts from the Past,” “GOLDEN OLDIES!" Our DJs are very familiar with this nostalgic genre and can definitely deliver the goods when it comes to presenting the songs that many folks really enjoy. Dressing up for the Myrtle Beach Sock Hop theme party and impressing the judging DJThe Golden Oldies Sock Hop highlights the memorable novelty tunes, Number 1’s, and a colossal cross section of the smash hits from the past, with nostalgia, enthusiasm, and fun. Especially for those who can “remember when,” our Myrtle Beach DJs who are most familiar with and specialize in old time Rock and Roll string together the really big chart busters, one after the other, creating a GREAT feeling. It’s a celebration! Visitors and guests get to hear the really good stuff, the songs they loved from the good ol’ days, and they get to hear them back to back! But, there's more! The Golden Oldies Sock Hop Theme Party features the following staged activities:
  • Mubble Gum Blowing ContestBiggest Bubble Gum Bubble Blowing Contest
  • “Name That Tune” Game Show Competition
  • Twist and Jitterbug Dance Contests
  • “The Stroll” Face-Off Session
  • Hula Hoop Event
  • The Rock & Roll “Explosive Blowup Band”
We can provide:
  • Inflatable Guitars, Saxaphones, and Microphones
  • Themed Wall Decorations
  • Ample Supply of Music Note Fedoras, Blues Sunglasses, Rock & Roll Wigs, Necklaces, and Boas