Featuring the Wobble During the Wedding Reception

A Fun Focus!

At the time of this writing, "The Wobble" is little over a year old, and this one has longevity written all over it! The song, by the same name, is by V.I.C. The arrangement is infectious and the love for the dance is contagious as evidenced during a recent festival at the Coastal Carolina campus of USC. A request for the song precipitated a mass response by excited students hastily congregating from every direction to the area in front of the stage. The line dance is built on a set of moves that comprise 8 four-beat measures (twice as long as "The Electric Slide" and "The Cupid Shuffle") but, it's fun, and it's sexy, and like any good line dance, it leaves plenty of room for self expression. Here's a "Wobble" instructional video. The following, simply-staged video features "The Wobble" as part of a planned segue during a choreographed first dance where the entire wedding party gets into the act. This successful presentation was extremely effective in establishing and maintaining a wonderful, room-wide focus. Impressive and Fun!:
When There's a Focus!

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