DJ Interaction

When a DJ simply plays music, as long as he's playing to the crowd and not just playing for himself, he's interacting. He might not be saying anything or even looking at other people, but he's interactive to the extent his music is being programmed for others. Let's open the door a little wider. When a DJ is wholeheartedly tuned into what's happening around him, and responds skillfully in accordance with the actions and reactions of those for whom he's playing, he's MORE interactive. Let's open the door completely. When a DJ comfortably captures everyone's attention, and then directs and maintains their attention on a room wide event, he's being TOTALLY interactive. You're the boss! We are capable of providing whatever degree of professionally-presented interaction you wish: Dance Floor Routines are an excellent way to provide the grounds for ample group participationDANCE FLOOR ROUTINES - A line dance (like the Wobble), dance event (like a Twist contest), dance instruction (like quickly teaching the Shag), or group dance (like a Longevity Dance) are dance floor routines and all take place on the dance floor in the focal point. Choose the routines you'd like to include.

A wide variety of party games with descriptions of each are available for your consideration.PARTY GAMES - Whether presented as an ice breaker (like Musical Chairs Scavenger Hunt), a spectacle (like a Hula Hoop event), or a fill in (like a Name that Tune contest) party games  provide the grounds for ample group participation and are excellent ways to create a fun focus. Choose the game you'd like to include.

Link to: What Do We Do?PICTURES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF DJ INTERACTION - 100% DJ interaction comes into play when Dance Floor Routines and Party Games are skillfully presented. The extent your attendees will be receptive and the degree these activities will be effective hinges on our experience and skills. View a montage of photos resulting from interactive staging and presentation.