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Big Afro Wig Disco Party Prop

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The 70s parties of the Disco Era introduced a resurgence of real dance music and with it the advent of the discoteque. The music was all about dancing, so as the song titles say: put on your “BOOGIE SHOES” and “LET’S GROOVE TONIGHT!” The Saturday Night Fever Disco Party is a “CELEBRATION” of the “GOOD TIMES!” You'll be given a golden opportunity to “SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING,” and “GET DOWN ON IT.” You know “YOU SHOULD BE DANCING” . . . yeah, and there just “AIN’T NO STOPPIN US NOW!” We can see you now: you're gonna be “TOO HOT” and we’re all gonna “GET DOWN TONIGHT!” We can provide:
  • All the most sensational, chart-busting dance music from the fabulous Disco Era, creatively beat-mixed by a Myrtle Beach DJ who specializes in the Disco Era to assure the dance floor stays packed
  • Distortion-free sound reinforcement with chest-thumping bass, producing the characteristic “thump” of the pulsating disco beat, reminiscent of the original dicoteques
  • A 16 inch mirror ball, ala “Saturday Night Fever,” hung high from the ceiling and illuminated from all four corners of the room, casting thousands of dazzling sparkles over the walls and ceiling
  • Intelligent lighting scanning 15 colors and 14 ecstatic patterns over the dance floor
  • An ample supply of wild, Retro Sunglasses, colorful Neon Gangster Hats, an assortment of poofy Afro Wigs, decorative, 6 foot feather Boas, and 100s of multi-colored Glow Bracelets
  • Line dance instruction for The Hustle and The John Travolta Dance, as presented in the movie “Saturday Night Fever”
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