Corporate Events

Corporate Meeting at Springmaid Beach Resort in Myrtle BeachThe category "Corporate Events" includes local, regional, and national meetings of businesses and associations. With skill and expertise, we can provide what you need for any size "corporate event" which can entail any of the following:
  • serving as a music host providing
    • a festive atmosphere during a cocktail reception - and/or -
    • music for dining at a soft, even volume throughout a banquet facility during a meal - and/or -
    • a variety of dance music during a segment of open dancing
  • professionally performing the duties of Master of Ceremonies, welcoming meeting attendees, and properly making introductions for speakers and presenters
  • orchestrating icebreaking games and/or dance floor routines
  • providing background music during outdoor gatherings, festivals and celebrations
Larger, more extravagant dinner dances and award banquets can incorporate full-scale, stage-designed productions with customized, "intelligent" light shows and wide screen video projection: We Produce A Tailor-Made, High-Impact Multi-Media Extravaganza — An Unforgettable, Sensory Experience for the Eyes, Ears, and Imagination!  • Recognize and honor special clients and guests!  • Show important associates your appreciation!  • Make a REMARKABLE and outstanding impression! re·mark·able  ri-'mar-ke-bel adj 1 : worthy of being or likely to be noticed  2 : UNCOMMON, EXTRAORDINARY Your attendees will pack the dance floor like never before!    The music we present is programmed in accordance with your wishes, and creatively mixed to please all the dancers in your group!  Our sound quality SPARKLES with clear, crisp highs, warm, natural midrange, and tight, steel-fisted bass! spar·kles spar-kel vb 1 : to shine as if throwing out sparks 2 : TO PERFORM BRILLIANTLY See your logos in lights, projected on the walls  by the same fixtures used on Broadway and TV.     Surround your attendees with an EXTRAORDINARY array of lighting effects, beginning as a serene wash of pastels during dinner and transforming into a dazzling display of moving shapes and   colors, enhancing the intensity and excitement on the dance floor and throughout the room! ex·traor·di·nary ik-strord-n,er-e adj  1 a : going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary b : exceptional to a very marked extent : REMARKABLE Catch the action on large video screens featuring:  • CAPTIVATING processions of your photos,  • New pictures taken just moments ago,  • A wide variety of entertaining movie clips,  • Live video feeds of presentations and dance floor activity! cap·ti·vat·ing 'kap-te,vat-ing adj  1 : seizing, capturing  2 : influencing and dominating by some special charm, art, or trait and with an IRRESISTIBLE APPEAL Our production associates have presented hundreds of outstanding shows throughout the country for clients such as AT&T, ESPN, MTV, and the Whitehouse. Call us! Let’s determine your needs, discuss your budget, and set up an appointment. We’ll be delighted to put our expertise to work for you!