Christmas Party

Holiday parties are always a happy occasion! It’s a special time of year and folks are receptive and ready to have fun. We make sure they do! During December, we offer Christmas Party Celebrations ranging from smaller gatherings to full-blown, big-bash, holiday shindigs! Attendees will be involved throughout the evening leading up to more dancing than you’ve ever seen. As people gather, during the cocktail reception at many Christmas events, your well-versed Myrtle Beach DJ will feature festive seasonal music consisting of light jazz renditions of holiday classics. When it's mealtime, he'll provide a selection of easier-listening holiday selections, continuous with the theme, but played at a volume that will not intrude on conversations at the tables. A skilled Party Host from Myrtle Beach DJs orchestrates a Human Christmas Tree ice breaking routine.After the meal, if it has been prearranged with your DJ in Myrtle Beach, a room wide focus can be implemented. We have a variety of fast-paced, routines and party games, some flavored just for Holiday Theme Parties e.g., a human Christmas tree or snowman spectacle, either of which are bound to elicit lots of laughter and happy applause. This ice breaking segment can be featured in conjunction with or following a period of more formal presentations, and / or a lighthearted gift exchange, which in itself can be featured in an entertaining fashion. Open dancing can now commence, presented in accordance with the wishes of your attendees. The amount of interaction and kinds of dance floor routines you choose to include are entirely in accordance with your preferences and the receptivity of your guests.

If the DJs in Myrtle Beach have the skill, they can program the music effectively and pack the dance floor!